We declare that all products RJB I-Control have a warranty of 12 months from the serial date mark, against production defects.

The warranty of RJB products is limited to the substitution of the defective product when verified and recognized by RJB.

The installation and operating information described in the operating instructions are provided for the purpose of illustrating the operation of the product. When, without any real and material support from a RJB technician, the consumer, installer or user becomes wholly and exclusively responsible for the RJB I-CONTROL installation and operation, marketed by RJB, in such a way that RJB shall not assume any liability for loss, damage or improper installation of this product.

RJB only obligation is to repair or replace, at its election, free of charge, any part of the product that its inspection shows to be defective and, if appropriate, the lowest round trip transportation charges from RJB. original customer to Maia, Portugal and return, but excluding all transportation costs from RJB. original customer to its customer.

A return authorization number must be obtained from authorized RJB personnel prior to returning any products for warranty consideration. All claims must be accompanied by a complete written explanation of claimed defects and the circumstances of operational failure.

Products returned for warranty consideration shall be shipped to RJB through prepaid freight, with a return authorization attached. In the event that a product is repaired under warranty, that product shall carry the remainder of the original warranty period.
This expressed limited warranty is the sole warranty of RJB. There are no warranties which extend beyond the limited warranty herein expressly set forth.